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Western Washington, Cascade Mountain Wedding | Jon & Karlee

Suncadia Resort, Cle Elum, WA | May 27, 2023

It's not often that I get inquiries from Facebook for wedding photography, and even less often that these inquiries turn into anything more than me getting ghosted. To my surprise, a random message on a Facebook page I no longer use lead to one of my favorite 2023 weddings.

I received a message from Veronica, Karlee's mother, eagerly seeking a photographer for a wedding at Suncadia Resort in May, just a few months away! She had been searching for weeks with no success, and was almost shocked when I replied that I was available! After hearing Jon and Karlee's story, I was sold. Veronica told me of how though Jon and Karlee hadn't known each other long, it was love at first sight, and they wanted to waste no time in getting married. Jon is in the Marines, and was stationed in Virginia, whereas Karlee was stuck in her home state of Washington. They knew they wanted to be together, so they decided to go for it as soon as they could, and reduce the time of agonizing long distance relationship they would have to endure. As someone who was also in a long distance relationship myself, I absolutely empathize!

Jon and Karlee's wedding could not have been more joyful. This was the first wedding for my 2023 schedule, and I had high hopes that it would be the right start to energize me for the coming season. My expectations were thoroughly exceeded. Both families welcomed each other so warmly, and I felt so included in their day. Everyone from getting ready all the way to the end of the night had huge smiles, and I think this says a lot about the couple we were celebrating. Jon and Karlee are a magnetic couple. When you're around them, you can feel just how much they love each other, and just how much they love their families and friends. Jon and Karlee wanted their wedding to focus not only on their relationship, but on the people who had helped them become "them" along the way. One way they highlighted their guests was by having their officiant off to the side, so they could turn and more easily face their families during the ceremony. They also made a point to get a photo with every one of their attendees, asking guests to stop by the couple's table on their way to dinner at the reception. Not only did this make my job as a photographer easier, but it ensured Karlee and Jon would get to greet each of their guests and have an intentional photo with them! The reception was just as much a reflection of the couple as the rest of the day. The newlyweds danced the night away, with both each other and their guests! Jon and Karlee's energy radiated throughout the room, and everyone could see just how happy these two were to be forever united. I've been to a lot of weddings, and I can safely say that Jon and Karlee's day will forever stand out in my memory as one of the most authentically joyful weddings I've had the honor to photograph.


Venue/Catering/DJ: Suncadia Resort

Videography: Pacific Pine Films

Dress: Marcella's Bridal


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